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Serving artists since 1998, American Impressionist Society offers our members opportunities in exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions, painting demonstrations, critiques, paint outs, lectures and tours.   

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What is a Paint Out? Paint Out is a plein air competition for AIS members to create artwork within a defined time and location.  Typically held during the Opening Week of events at our Small Works Showcase and National Exhibition, all current AIS members are eligible to participate.  The spirit of plein air requires artists to paint their entries entirely “out in the open air.” 

“En plein air” is a French term used to describe the act of painting in the open outdoors. The challenge of weather, insects, moving objects/people, and curious bystanders all create the fun challenge of the event. 

You will have a specific number of days to paint in and around the specific area and then turn in one piece for the Wet Wall Exhibition and Awards Reception.  We encourage you to pre-register.  You must supply all of your own painting supplies. 

Why and how  do my canvas/paper need to be stamped?  Bring your blank canvases or other painting surface to any one of the scheduled check in locations posted on the AIS website and in the registration information. We stamp your blank materials on the back to prove you started the artwork during the week.  The largest material you may paint is 12 x 16.  

How many pieces may I stamp and submit? You may have any number of materials stamped, but may only submit 1 piece for the jury and Wet Paint sale.

Where can I paint? Anywhere in the area AIS is hosting our opening week events. Be respectful of private property, blocking of sidewalks and be a kind representative of AIS. You may not paint from photographs. We will provide a list of suggested locations and offer some special and private venues for you to visit and paint.  

What do I tell observers or potential buyers? We will provide you postcards to hand out with information on the Wet Wall Exhibition. If someone wants to buy your painting “off the easel” you must sell it through the gallery. We need to support our host gallery and it is the professional manner  to handle a pre-sale. You may turn in another painting if you do sell one during the week. 

How do I prep my work for the Wet Wall?  You must frame your artwork and attach a wire for hanging–no alligator hangers permitted. AIS will set up a framing area at the gallery on the day of the Wet Wall exhibition.  BUT you must provide your own frame. 

Where can I bring completed artwork?  The piece you chose to submit for the Wet Wall exhibition must be brought to the gallery where we are exhibiting the AIS show within the scheduled time. You will complete a sales form/label. If you do not turn in a painting, you are not eligible for awards and you may not sell your artwork at the exhibition. 

When is the Wet Paint sale and what is a Wet Wall exhibition? Typically on the Saturday afternoon of our Opening Week events we host the sale/exhibition. A Wet Wall is the display of the artwork created during the week. It is a one day event.

How do I price my artwork? Artwork is priced at the discretion of the artist. All artwork sold is subject to a 60% / 40% commission split, with the artist receiving 60% of the sale price.

What happens at the end of the Wet Paint Sale? Purchased artwork will be taken home by the purchaser upon sale and artists receive a 60% commission on all sales. Payments will be handled by the gallery.  Unsold work must be picked up by the artist at the conclusion of the sale which is typically the same day as the Wet Wall exhibition unless other arrangements are made.

What are the prizes? Typically three cash prizes and three honorable mentions. 


Questions?? Contact Liz Ahrens, AIS Executive Director   1-231-881-7685 


PO BOX 27818   OMAHA, NE 68127   

231-881-7685     EMAIL 

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